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Obama Invites Egypt's Morsi To U.S.

One of the first chores facing Egypt's new president, Mohamed Morsi, is to convince his country's neighbors and allies that he and the Muslim Brotherhood, which he headed before the election, don't plan to export the revolution that brought the Islamists to power in the presidency and the parliament.

He took that message this week to Saudi Arabia and look for him to bring it to the United States this fall.  President Obama has invited Morsi to meet with him in September when both attend the United Nations General Assembly meeting.

UN Human Wrongs Council Adds To Its Luster

It's a weird day in July when a group wins praise because it throttled back a wee bit on its usual Israel bashing. That's what happened at the conclusion of the 20th session of the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva last week.

The U.S. State Department listed as one of the "key" achievements of the session that it did not adopt any anti-Israel resolutions.  But that doesn't mean there was any letup in what Washington branded a "disproportionate focus on Israel." 

Vetting The Veep - Part II

In this space we previously looked at the field of possible running mates for Mitt Romney and his selection process. 

For years to come I expect the watchword will be “Not another Sarah Palin.”  The former half-term governor of Alaska was full of energy and personality but had little understanding of the issues and simply wasn’t ready for prime time. 

Romney is said to be looking for someone compatible with him and able to step into the top job from Day One.  

The Oops Factor

Gazans enthusiastically celebrated Mohamed Morsi’s election as president of Egypt Sunday with large demonstrations, the distribution of candy and the usual celebratory gunfire.  I don’t know why shooting in the air is so popular nor why the shooters think the law of gravity has been repealed just for them.  Media reports say at least one Gazan was killed and six others wounded by bullets from guns of people who didn’t know that what goes up must come down.

SCOTUS Upholds Obamacare But GOP Still Trying To Kill It

The Supreme Court pulled the plug on one central attack strategy of the Republicans’ 2012 campaign against President Barack Obama by upholding the constitutionality of the Affordable Care Act, but it may also have energized another.

Republicans had hoped the conservative-dominated Court would invalidate entire law, opening the way for them to say the centerpiece legislation of the Obama administration was not only unconstitutional but that the President had wasted three years on a flawed and failed policy.

Hanukkah Songwriter Wins Senate Primary

The only member of the U.S. Senate to compose a Hanukkah song looks like he will be coming back to Washington for a seventh term.  Utah Republican Orrin Hatch easily defeated Tea party favorite challenger Dan Liljenquist and is expected to go on to victory in that very red state in November.   

Bibi To Morsi: Read My Website

The Israeli response to the election of Mohamed Morsi as Egypt’s first democratically elected president was a bit unusual. 

Vetting The Veep

Mitt Romney is skillfully playing the guessing game of Vetting the Veep, a popular quadrennial exercise for non-incumbent presidential candidates. 

This weekend he invited a variety of potential running running-mates to a Utah resort where big donors could look them over while also discussing campaign strategy with the candidate himself, his top advisors and party luminaries like Sen. John McCain, Condoleezza Rice, Karl Rove and James A. Baker III. 

Droning On About Targeted Killings

Remember way back in olden times, like about 10 years ago, when the U.S. government regularly chastised Israel for targeted killings of its enemies with remotely piloted aircraft? 

The Israelis considered it a successful tactic that avoided sending IDF soldiers into densely populated Palestinian areas and risking serious Israeli casualties – and a good way to off some bad guys.

Egyptian Vote Outcome Could Spark New Violence

As much as I hate to see a military takeover and a democratic election subverted, the Egyptian junta's response to the Muslim Brotherhood's victory in this weekend's presidential election may be the best outcome for Egypt -- and for the United States and Israel, as well.

It blocks a potential Islamist takeover of the Arab world's most populous and powerful state and an important American ally.  It also means the Egyptian-Israeli peace treaty will survive a while longer.

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