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Arab American Group Endorses Romney

Although a recent survey shoed the President leading by almost two-to-one among Arab-Americans against Mitt Romney, the leader of one group warns that a vote for Barack Obama "would be voting for despotism, violence and backwardness in your native lands."

Farid Ghadry, leader of the Washington-based Reform Party of Syria, an outspoken Obama critic and closely linked to Bush era neocons, said, "Arab Americans have no choice but to vote for Romney because not only do we care about America but we also care about eradicating the tyranny we escaped from."

A Vote FOR Ahmadinejad

I think Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is a despicable and dangerous fellow.  And I hope he keeps his job as president of Iran for a long time.

He is term-limited and has to leave office next year, but I hope Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei grants him a dispensation and lets his former protege run again even though he's fallen out of favor. 

What’s The Difference Between An iPad And A Pizza?

Question: When are volunteers not really volunteers?

Answer:  When you have to pay them.

For instance, if you have to offer your “volunteers” iPads or AmEx gift cards, they’re not really volunteers.  In fact, the IRS may require declaring the “gifts” as taxable compensation.

Latest Romney Flip-Flop: Mideast Peace

After spending last week flip-flopping on the economy and even renouncing his own 47% tape and other positions, Mitt Romney is about to make another major pivot, this time on Middle East peacemaking. His conversion could disappoint a lot of his pro-Israel backers, particularly Evangelicals and the party’s small conservative Jewish base.

Romney could also give a major dose of heartburn to his biggest backer, Sheldon Adelson, the casino mogul who has pledged $100 million to defeat Obama and is an outspoken opponent of Palestinian statehood.

A Reporter's Notebook

House Race May Test Israel’s Importance To Voters

The race in California’s new 30th Congressional district pits a pair of Jewish moderate Democratic congressmen, may reveal a great deal about the importance of Israel in a newly formed district with a sizeable Jewish population.

Voters will be choosing between one legislator with a 30-year record as an influential pro-Israel leader on Capitol Hill and another who simply votes right without doing any of the heavy lifting. Will voters recognize and reward the difference?

It’s Now A 3-Way Race

In the wake of the first presidential candidates’ debate, it’s now a three-way race. 

The biggest surprise of the evening was the appearance of a new Mitt Romney.  Those who were expecting the old Romney of the primaries and the campaign since the Tampa convention in August (read: Democrats) were disappointed when the new Romney showed up.

Obama's Arab-American Support Dropping

Arab-Americans still strongly support President Obama, but not by the same wide margins as they did four years ago, according to a new poll by the Arab American Institute.  But before Republicans celebrate they should know that he still leads Mitt Romney by nearly a two-to-one margin.

Jordanian King: Iranian Nukes Key To Peace

In the two days following The Daily Show winning its 10th consecutive Emmy for best comedy show, it showed why an impressive number of political leaders take it seriously and so many young Americans rely on it as their primary source of news.

Jon Stewart’s fist post-Emmy guests were former President Bill Clinton and Jordanian King Abdullah II.

Republicans Find Voter Fraud -- At Home

Republicans have been on a major crusade around the country enacting laws to restrict access to the voting booth, all in the name of fighting voter fraud.  It turns out those righteous Republicans who were so intent on protecting the integrity of the ballot box may actually be the problem, not the solution.

Those most likely to be disenfranchised by the new restrictions are blacks, Hispanics, the poor, the elderly, students, the disabled and others most inclined to vote Democratic.

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