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Buckeye View Of Jewish Vote

If Ohio is any indicator, the multi-million-dollar campaign by the Republican Jewish Coalition, Sheldon Adelson and the GOP to convince the Buckeye state's Jews to vote for Mitt Romney for president and Josh Mandel for Senate is headed for failure.  Big Time.

Their message that Barack Obama, Sen. Sherrod Brown and the Democrats can't be trusted on Israel or other issues important to the Jewish community is a flop.

Why Is No One Talking About It?

For all the billions spent, the endless bombardment of obnoxious ads and the empty stump speeches, very little attention has been paid during this election to what may be it most enduring outcome -- the shape of the federal judiciary, not just for the next four years but for the next generation or two.  The man who is elected president next Tuesday will very likely have an opportunity to name one or more justices to the Supreme Court, where four members are in the seventies.

Mitt To East Coast: You Don't Need FEMA Help

Mitt Romney’s message to those in Hurricane Sandy’s path is simple:  I want to shut down FEMA because you don’t need any federal disaster relief, your states should handle it. In fact, the whole thing should be turned over to the private sector.

Is Sununu"s Race Baiting Part Of Romney's Strategy?

If it were just an isolated incident, the race baiting of a top Mitt Romney surrogate and advisor might be dismissed as a slip of the tongue, but John Sununu’s history of repeated slurs suggests his comments may be part of a larger strategy of the Romney campaign, particularly in view of the candidate’s failure to publicly admonish and dismiss the former New Hampshire governor.

Notes From The Campaign Trails

Romnesia And Israel

As Mitt Romney has been etchin’ and sketchin’ his way from being self-described “severe conservative” pandering to the Tea Partiers, religious extremists and neocons, he has changed his positions on a growing list of issues, particularly in foreign policy.

Prepping For Tonight's Debate

Foreign policy was not supposed to be a big issue in this campaign.  Mitt Romney wanted to make it a referendum on jobs and the economy, and with those improving, albeit at a disappointing pace, Republicans have been hammering at President Obama for being weak the international front. They conveniently ignore how much more effective and welcome abroad the incumbent is compared to his Republican predecessor whose name Romney and the GOP never even mention.

Don't Ask, Don't Tell, Don't Care

Does Pollard Hold White House Key?

If Barack Obama wants to be reelected and if he “wishes to dictate Israeli policy,” he should release Jonathan Pollard, Israel’s chief Ashkenazi rabbi, Yona Metzger, told his congregants. 

Bibi Still Meddling

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu can't keep denying he is meddling in the American presidential race when he has consistently failed to tell his friends to stop using him in their anti-Obama ads.

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