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Trump Making History The Wrong Way

Donald Trump's 2016 presidential campaign will be long remembered, but not for any reasons that will make the Republican standard-bearer or his party proud.

He reached a low point this week when he refused to commit to accepting the outcome of the November 8 election, sending shock waves throughout the political landscape. It was an unprecedented announcement and elicited an audible gasp from the audience at the third and final presidential debate Wednesday evening in Las Vegas.

The Protocols Of Trump

Israel was not mentioned once in the third and final presidential debate Wednesday night in Las Vegas, but it was not forgotten.

Loving Israel Is Not Enough

Donald Trump claims to support Israel, and his claim has won the endorsement of many in the Orthodox community and among hardliners and Hillary-haters, but most Jews – here and in Israel – are not buying it.

Coming To America

The SS New York arrived at Ellis Island 110 years ago this month from Southampton, England.  One of the first to disembark was a 22-year-old Romanian-born tailor from Cardiff, Wales, named Samuel Bloomfield. 

Another Missed Opportunity

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas quickly rejected Benjamin Netanyahu's invitation to address Knesset to share his vision of peace with the Israeli people.

His spokesman said it was just another "gimmick" and a bluff.

If Abbas really feels the Israeli prime minister is bluffing, he should call him on it. As one American politician likes to say, what have you got to lose?

Meddling Again Or Just A Courtesy?

In Benjamin Netanyahu's defense, maybe he just can't help himself. Meddling in American politics is just too tempting for him to resist.  And he's so good at it, just look at how he helped elect President Romney and his success in leading the Republican opposition to the Iran nuclear agreement. 

It didn't take long for Bibi to violate his pledge of neutrality in this year's presidential election.

Trump's Dog Whistle

The only thing nearly as outrageous as Donald Trump's thinly veiled calls for the assassination of Hillary Clinton is the deafening silence of Republican leaders.

They seem oblivious to Trump's dog whistles about killing the Democratic nominee for president.

Richard Milhous Trump

Donald Trump says he has a plan to defeat ISIS, but he is keeping it secret to be unpredictable and avoid tipping off the enemy.

If that sounds familiar, it may be because it sounds a lot like Richard Nixon's secret plan to end the war in Vietnam.

Trump repeated it again following this weekend's terrorist incidents in New York and New Jersey.  When asked by a sycophantic Fox News interviewer what he would do, he said, "We're going to have to do something extremely tough over there."

Like what? Steve Doocy asked.

CNN Chooses Flackery Over Journalism

Remember when CNN used to be a real news channel?  No more.  Not since it hired Corey Lewandowski and other campaign flacks to be paid "analysts." 

Donald Trump reportedly told his campaign manager "You're  fired" and made him an offer he couldn't refuse.  Just sign a nondisclosure agreement, don't discuss anything about the campaign or the candidate and in return you'll get a generous but unspecified severance. And, it turned out, more.

The Wall Trump Wants To Tear Down

Donald Trump is going to make America Christian and to do that he wants to tear down one of this pillars that has made this nation the Golden Medina for Jews from all over the world.

"The Christians are being treated horribly because we have nobody to represent the Christians," he told an evangelical gathering last week in Washington.  "I will be the greatest representative of the Christians."

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