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Kahane's Yahrzeit

Twenty years ago today, Meir Kahane was wrapping up a speech about his proposed Zionist Emergency Rescue Organization at the Marriott East Side Hotel in Manhattan when El Sayid Nosair shot him in the neck, dispatching him to a slow, painful and traumatic death.

Costume Guilt

My ultra-Orthodox ancestors, who clung to their faith in Ukraine despite all the adversity that entailed, are probably turning over in their graves. One of their descendants went to school today in a costume. On Erev Halloween.

Cuomo, Paladino and The Jewish Vote

It's rare for people who finance their own campaigns to win elections, and one reason is that they often don't spend their cash wisely. If you had millions to splurge on an uphill run for governor, as Carl Paladino does,  you might want to get some reliable demographic data about the state and hire a few advisors who specialize in familiarity and access to key constituent groups.

Publicity Is Too Damn Cheap

For PR reps who spend their time on "call and place" duty for high-priced firms, probably the only thing worse than the inevitably low success ratio is the realization that the people who seem to get the most publicity in the world are people who get it for free.

Friday Night TV

A Modern Orthodox friend of mine who is a loyal Yankee fan cringed the other day when I asked if he might leave a TV on to watch the opener of the American League Championship Series, with the Bombers facing Texas in Arlington.

"Brooklyn is a city?"

If you lived in Brooklyn in the 70s, or visited, you'll recall the famous sign that greeted motorists coming off the Verrazano Bridge onto the Belt Parkway welcoming you to "America's 4th Largest City." Yes, Brooklyn was once a city, but what the sign, posted by then-Borough President Sebastian Leone, was really saying, in Brooklynese, is "If Brooklyn was a city, it'd be bigger than all them other cities, except four."

Iconic Brooklyn sign

At An Amusement Park, The Thrill Of A Mitzvah

In my last post I wrote about the legions of people who exploit Sukkot for profit. There's another group of people I should mention who exploit the holiday for a totally different purpose.

Lulav Ltd.

As holidays go, Sukkot has its fair share of rituals. In addition to building the huts and eating in them, the prayer for dew, the ushpizin and of course the blessing of the four species, I’ve added one of my own.

A Hindu Wedding on Rosh HaShanah, and Moore On Religious Freedom

Filmmaker Michael Moore is out with an interesting open letter that's worth a read, however you feel about the so-called Ground Zero Mosque issue, because of its passion and articulation and his citation of George Washington's famous letter to the Jews. In the letter, a vintage copy of which can be found on display at the Touro Synagogue in Newport, Washington writes:

The Politics Of Forgiveness

It's an all-out political season, and the High Holidays are here, which made me think a bit about grudges.

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