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Giving Up In The War On Christmas

A sigh of collective relief and a "holidays" cheer as we learn that a report on the banning of Christmasy green and red from a Florida elementary school is apparently false. "There is not a ban on the colors red and green at Heathrow Elementary," a  spokesperson  for the Orlando-area school district declared.

So You Want To Marry A Kohen?

If you think the Jewish dating pool is tough out there in general, it's even tougher for observant kohanim, who face stringent halachic restrictions on marriage.

Burning Questions On Israel Support

The Atlantic's Jeff Goldberg raised some interesting questions about Israel support last week on his blog, and here in The Jewish Week, about which I got an earful or two over the weekend. Goldberg wonders why it should be the responsibility of American Jews to make up for the fact that Israel failed to prepare itself for a deadly wildfire.

Clooney's Bashert, Rabbi Lennon and Chasidic Slumlords

George Clooney's Bashert

Five Bad Things About Chanukah, And How To Fix Them

Not very much in  a festive mood on the first night, I started griping about the things that annoy me on Chanukah. But since my blood type is B positive, I always try to put a good spin (pun, sad to say, intended) on things. Here's some unsolicited, but well researched advice on how to make the most of five nutty things about the Eight Crazy Nights.

Things I'm (Sort Of) Thankful For

If I judge our audience correctly, they would likely gag on yet another “Is Thanksgiving Jewish?” rumination quicker than they would on a fourth helping of dark meat and cranberry sauce. So I’ll steer clear on this day of recommended, if not, mandatory gratitude and humbly offer, instead, this accounting of things for which I’m personally thankful.

Hats Off For 'Srugim'

Will Hodaya and Avner reconcile their religious differences and find happiness together? Will Yifat find contentment on the settlement of Maale Elisheva? Can Re'ut resist the advances of Yochai, her scholarly but libidinous suitor? Will Natti get over himself and be able to have a serious relationship? Will Amir find his missing yarmulke?

More On Bone Marrow Donation

As a result of last week's post, I met another person this weekend who matched a recipient and completed the donation process, who also said the discomfort of the (now rare) surgical procedure was well worth the chance to save someone's life.

Be An Informed Bone Marrow Donor

In just over two decades, the National Marrow Donor Program has facilitated more than  38,000 bone marrow and cord blood transplants for sick patients who need to look outside their families for matches, including 4,800 last year.

Over 8 million people are registered in the Be The Match registry as potential donors, and life-saving transplants are used to treat more than 70 diseases, although 72 percent of transplants facilitated by the program are for patients with leukemia or lymphoma.

My Maughter

I've been ordered to give up red meat. If I reach for a second doughnut from the Entenmann's box, I'll get the Look of Death. No more than a taste of alcohol at kiddush, and the treadmill in the basement has my name on it.

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