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Julie Wiener's In the Mix
Posted: Thu, 10/11/2012 - 08:30 | Julie Wiener's In the Mix

Yes, I am the world's worst blogger. Or, at least, the world’s least attentive blogger.

Posted: Fri, 09/07/2012 - 12:47 | Julie Wiener's In the Mix

What makes an interfaith (or, really, any) family decide to join or not join a synagogue?

Posted: Tue, 08/14/2012 - 16:42 | Julie Wiener's In the Mix

Sorry for being such a negligent blogger this summer, but it’s been a quiet season in terms of In The Mix-y news — while at the same time busy in other respects.

Posted: Fri, 07/27/2012 - 15:36 | Julie Wiener's In the Mix

Last night, with our older daughter newly away at overnight camp and our younger one enjoying a sleepover chez my aunt, my husband Joe and I had a chance to see a movie.

Since we only see films with some “In The Mix” connection (that's a joke), we checked out Lauren Greenfield’s “The Queen of Versailles,” the award-winning documentary about the outrageously wealthy Siegel family and their recession-stalled quest to build the largest house in America.

Posted: Fri, 07/13/2012 - 11:53 | Julie Wiener's In the Mix


Oops. Not only did I go on a blogging hiatus (thanks to pre-vacation, vacation and post-vacation distractions), but I did so after writing about mine and Ellie’s God problem. Hopefully, attentive readers didn’t conclude that, despairing of God’s goodness, I’d decided to give up writing for The Jewish Week.

Of course some might have been hoping I did exactly that. Like “SG,” a gentleman whose e-mail greeted me upon my return from vacation (a lakefront cottage in Maine, in case you were wondering):

Posted: Wed, 06/20/2012 - 10:34 | Julie Wiener's In the Mix

My 8-year-old daughter and I are having a little bit of a God problem lately.

It’s not that we’re unsure whether or not to believe in him; I’m satisfied with leaving it unresolved by being agnostic, and Ellie’s OK with that as well.
It’s not even the “why do bad things happen to good people” issue, because, while the world is outrageously unfair, I don’t think God, if he exists, is micro-managing the daily lives of the world’s almost seven billion people.