Jet Blue and El Al, Dr. Laura's mouth and a Gleeful Jewish Nose

Item: Jet Blue has announced a deal with El Al to have passengers connect, with a single ticket, from Israel flights to 62 points around North America. You gotta love the timing. If you thought it was tense on Jet Blue now, wait until you start getting an infusion of passengers who have been cooped up for 10 hours on the way from Tel Aviv, displaced from the rear davening-section, kept awake by screaming babies and poorly supervised kids.

The Ground Zero Imam's Helen Thomas Moment

Here is the complete Zion Herald interview from 2002 with the Great Moderate, Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf, in which he does a Helen Thomas turn, blaming "the way a Western, European Ashkenazi Jewish population created a state of Israel at the expense of the native non-European Christian, Muslim and even Jewish (Sephardic) populations.... Jews have always been welcome in the Middle East, But don't come and invade us. Don't invade our culture and our heritage."

Weekend Reads: Lautenberg Loves Lady Gaga, a Tea Party Game and More

Some political odds and ends for your weekend reading pleasure:

Thanks to the Washington Post's Al Kamen, we now know that Sen. Frank Lautenberg (D-NJ) is a big Lady Gaga fan.

Who Knew Kenny Rogers Was a Dating Guru?

For some reason, Kenny Roger’s The Gambler keeps running through my mind.

What can I say, people?

Despite considering myself not “so American,” as everyone in Israel keeps reminding me, I “totally” am.

Which probably explains why on the loney sheyrut home to Jerusalem from Tel Aviv in the wee hours of the morning I heard Kenny’s twang looping around my head with the words:

“You got to know when to hold 'em, know when to fold 'em,
Know when to walk away and know when to run….”

What Do Gary Shteyngart, Chelsea Clinton and Steven "Intermarriage Sucks" Cohen Have In Common?

 I have been greatly remiss in my blogging duties this week, due to writing four articles (and editing countless more) for an upcoming Jewish Week special section on education.

I do hope you all managed to find something to read in my absence — perhaps even a book or something radical like that! The demise of old-fashioned printed media is on my mind these days not just because I’m a journalist but also because I’m in the middle of the about-to-be-intermarried Gary Shteyngart’s fabulous “Super Sad True Love Story,” which, in addition to satirizing virtually every aspect of our tech-obsessed modern American lives, features a romance between a Russian-American Jew and a Korean-American Christian.

Chelsea's Smorgasbord

I know. It's been almost two weeks since Chelsea Clinton-Mezvinsky's wedding. Why bring it up now?

Obama's Jewish problem: it may not be what you think

 If you go by the comments, letters to the editor and emails that come my way via the Jewish Week, you'd think President Obama is a sure bet to lose in 2012 a Jewish vote he won so overwhelmingly in 2008.

But wait: most of the angry anti-Obama comments I hear come from the same folks who were calling him a Muslim fifth columnist and an anti-Semite in 2008; their criticisms may be angrier than ever, but they don't suggest any real change in his overall Jewish support.

How to Say Goodbye to Dating Forever...And Ever...And Ever

“Mature frum singles, after years of unsuccessful dating, are painfully aware of the incessant and ceaseless march of time working against them.”

Ain’t that the truth!

And you don’t have to be frum to feel this way, says a (ahem!) “mature” single who gleaned much from Shaya Ostrov’s The Inner Circle: Seven Gates to Marriage, whose first line I quoted here.

Goldberg gets inside Netanyahu's head on question of Iran strike

The Atlantic's Jeff Goldberg has a knack for stories that generate a big buzz in Washington, and he's done it again with “The Point of No Return,” which examines the possibility Israel will unilaterally attack Iran.

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