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From Model Seders To Chupahs: Everyone Wants To Be A Shtickle Jewish

Families shopping for kosher l’Pesach food items. Couples marrying under a chupah, signing a ketubah, breaking a glass.

Some recent stories in American newspapers.

Old news.

But none of the above are Jewish.

As we wring our hands about Jewish continuity, asking who will carry on Jewish traditions, the answer appears more and more to be: gentiles.

The Fuhrer As Pitch Man.

In Turkey, the furor over the Fuhrer is over.

Last week, the Turkish Jewish community was enraged when a Turkish sports channel carried a shampoo commercial that featured Adolf Hitler. Over archival footage of the dictator at a rally were dubbed the words, “If you are not wearing women’s dress, you shouldn’t be using women’s shampoo either!”

A “huge insult to human rights,” said the leaders of Turkish Jewry. “Unacceptable,” said Turkey’s chief rabbi. “The ad is also demeaning to women.”

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