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No Flight From Right

Not an avid movie-goer, I saw a very good movie the other day – “Flight,” starring Denzel Washington.

Denzel Washington: His current role teaches an important lesson

Remembering A Journalistic Giant

I have a standard regimen every time I prepare to travel to Israel, about every year and a half. Buy some shekels. Arrange my interviews. Make sure my passport hasn’t expired.

And one non-standard step: I pull out a three-decades-old, tearing-at-the-edges, 20-page reprint of a series of stories written for the Philadelphia Inquirer in the wake of the start of the Camp David Middle East peace process.

Richard Ben Cramer: Rochester native wrote on world stage

Media Trumpet Israeli Musician's Quick Thinking

Nadav Nirenberg, a Sabra who lives in Brooklyn, works as a musician – but he offered a lesson the other day of which biblical scholars would approve.

Nadav Nirenberg: Has his old iPhone back

Lives Cut Short

A friend called, upset, the other day.

She had heard a sad story on the news – Dylan Smith, a hero of the recent Hurricane Sandy, had died in Puerto Rico.

Dylan Smith: A hero of Superstorm Sandy, a victim of a surfing accident

Remembering Unsung Heroes Of The Holocaust

Associated Press reported recently on some excavations in Warsaw that have received little interest outside of Poland, especially in the Jewish community.

The work at the Powazki Military Cemetery should be of interest to Jews – the forensic scientists are looking for the remains, in a mass grave that contains entangled skeletons of resistance fighters, of one particular hero. Capt. Witold Pilecki, a non-Jewish Pole, volunteered to be captured and interned in Auschwitz in order to bring the Nazi death camp’s atrocities to the attention of the world.

Witold Pilecki: His burial place isn't known, his heroism is.

26 Worlds

Do you remember how many people died in the Virginia Tech shootings of 2007 or the Columbine massacre of 1999? Or, for that matter, the shootings on the University of Texas campus in 1966, the horror of an earlier time?

Newtown: 26 angels, 26 stories

The Big Ten And The Amidah

The leaders of the Big Ten athletic conference apparently aren’t math majors.

Like many teams, the North Carolina Tarheels play in a conference whose name is a misnomer. Getty Images

This Hoax Wasn’t OK In The UK

Two radio disc jockeys from Australia had a great idea for a hoax – or so it seemed at the time – last week.

An Expensive Phone Call

How much does it cost to have a fallen tree removed from your property? $50? $100? The eHow website estimates that it costs from $8 to $10 a foot, depending on the tree’s height.

Steven Kuhr’s tree cost him $153,000.

Steven Kuhr: Bad judgment cost him his government job

Public And Private Mitzvahs

While New York cleaned up, the President visited.

In the days after the city’s worst hurricane in history struck, as New Yorkers – along with affected residents of New Jersey and other reeling areas of the Northeast – struggled to get on with the lives that had become bruised by Sandy, Barack Obama came for a visit. For three hours, he traveled to the Rockaways and Staten Island, consoling the victims and offering moral support and seeing the damage first-hand.

Jacob Javits: No media, please
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