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I Am Woman, Hear Me Roar

I have always been aware that I am a woman. But never so much as I was these past few weeks. Starting out with the second Presidential debate last Tuesday night, carrying through the Moishe House Breast Cancer Awareness Shabbat and participation in the American Cancer Society’s annual 5 mile Breast Cancer Awareness walk, to my interactions with the New York Police Department, I have never been so hyperaware of the fact that I am a woman.

The more things change: Helen Reddy released feminist call-to-arms "I Am Woman" in 1971. Wikimedia Commons

Learning Gratitude In Graduate School

Last month, hundreds, upon thousands, upon millions of students went back to school.  Although not quite as adorably as my 5th grade neighbor decked out in her first-day-of-school finest, I, too, returned to the world of academia. Starting my second year of graduate school, I was not even a little surprised when on the first day of classes, my peers and I couldn’t even get through the first class without bitching.

Why is it so hard to feel grateful for our blessings? Wikimedia Commons
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