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News Roundup @ The NN: Neural Mechanisms, Bubbles And Dentistry

March’s employment numbers came out today from the Bureau of Labor Statistics; the labor participation rate for people with disabilities holds roughly steady at 20.7 percent.

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Ask Regina Skyer: A Child Advocate And Special Education Attorney

This column will address reader’s questions and concerns regarding their child’s special education needs, as well as the services, programs and entitlements available within New York City.

Regina Skyer

Summer Camp Cliffhanger, Pt. 3: The Importance Of Inclusion, Done Right

Last week, the New Normal ran two posts by Rabbi Rebecca Schorr, who is very nervous about the coming summer. Her son Ben, who has Asperger’s, learned recently that his beloved self-contained summer camp, Round Lake, is moving to become part of a campus that contains four other camps. Ben and his buddies will still have their own bunks, but they will spend much of the day in mainstream activities and social settings. Rabbi Schorr concluded that the Jewish community needs both self-contained and integrated summer camps. Now, we’re publishing a Q&A with Shelley Cohen, one of the architects of the change and also a mother of a child with a disability. She spoke with the blog about why Round Lake is making this change and how they determined they are to make it work for Ben and his friends.

Shelley Cohen

Sequester Set To Slash Disability Services

As we’ve discussed already on the blog, forced federal budget cuts triggered by a stalemate in Congressional negotiations over a new budget will hurt programs and services for those with disabilities.

Here’s more detail on how the sequester will play out in New York state, from Jewish Week staff writer Stewart Ain, who wrote an entire article on the subject.

President Barack Obama and Congress are at loggerheads over the budget, and the sequester is the result. Getty Images

3.11 @ The NN: Jobs, Cabs, Music

The number of people with disabilities in the workforce rose in February from the prior month as the jobless rate fell to 12.3 percent from 13.7 percent, reports DisabilityScoop.

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Seeking 36 Under 36 Nominations From Disability Community

Each year, The Jewish Week publishes in print and online a special section profiling 36 up-and-coming young Jews who are retooling Jewish life through innovation in Jewish arts, philanthropy, media, social justice, the rabbinate and community life here in New York, in Israel, and beyond. We aim to profile a diverse group of innovators.

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On Other Blogs: This Isn't Just About A Word

Please find below a guest post from Ellen Seidman, the firecracker author of 'Love That Max: A Blog About Kids With Special Needs Who Kick Butt.'

Ellen Seidman

Video: Mitchell Marcus, Internet Phenom And Nephew Of NN Blogger, On Ellen

Mitchell Marcus, the student with a developmental disability who became an Internet phenomenon after scoring his basketball team’s final basket of the season, got a chance to tell his story again yesterday on Ellen, the talk show hosted by Ellen DeGeneres.

Linda Burger, aunt of Mitchell Marcus

3.5 @ The NN: Google, Insurance And The Sequester

In response to a campaign by autism activists, Google has modified its search engine to stop it from automatically making violent suggestions when a user types in something like “Autistic people should …” according to an article in the Newark Star-Ledger.

Google made recent changes that affect people with autism, as well as those who are deaf and blind. Getty Images

Famous Texas High School B-Ball Player Nephew Of A New Normal Blogger!

By now many of you probably know the story of Mitchell Marcus, a student with a developmental disability who loves basketball and is the manager of his high school team in El Paso, the Coronado Thunderbirds.

Linda Burger, aunt of Mitchell Marcus
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