Bible Lands Museum

By The Rivers Of Babylon

Passover, an ancient cuneiform tablet and the idea of exile.

Special To The Jewish Week

For weeks, I’ve been going about the usual get-rid-of-leavening-and-remove-sticky-gunk-from-telephone  Passover preparations.  I tossed out dried apricots that had fossilized in my cabinet, pulled old tissues out of coat pockets and discovered (woo-hoo!) a few crumpled dollar bills, and made a lengthy grocery list ranging from boxes of matzah meal to more dried apricots to purchase for my seder dinners.

A cuneiform tablet like this one is part of Bible Lands Museum show in Jerusalem. Wikimedia Commons

1,200-Year-Old Jewish Prayer Book On Display In Jerusalem


A Jewish prayer book believed to be the world’s oldest will be exhibited in Jerusalem for one month.

A book believed to be the world’s oldest Jewish prayer book will be displayed for a month in Jerusalem.Ardon Bar Hama, Osaf Gree
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