Watch This Beer Commercial. Now Do Inclusion. Just Do It.

I don’t really drink beer.  Occasionally, on a hot day, with friends, I’ll slowly nurse one drink all day long.  I don’t really watch commercials, either.  Occasionally, when flipping channels, I stop if something catches my eye.  And yesterday something did.

This Guinness commercial made me want to drink more beer and watch more commercials.

Suddenly, A Beer Drinker’s Eden

Following on the heels of the boutique winery explosion, craft-beer operations are popping up all over Israel. A day’s jaunt along Route 38, the new beer highway.
Israel Correspondent

Beit Shemesh, Israel — Back in the mid-1990s, Israel was a desert for beer drinkers wanting to imbibe something beyond the local ales and the mass-produced imports like Heineken.

 Ofer Ronen raises a glass at his Srigim Brewery. Joshua Mitnick
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