Open Hillel Holds First Conference At Harvard

How representative is the alternative movement of Jewish opinion on college campuses when it comes to Israel?

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Cambridge, Mass. — Harvard senior Rachel Sandalow-Ash scanned the exuberant crowd that packed a campus auditorium last week.

A representative of Jewish Voice for Peace speaking with a student at the Open Hillel conference last week. JTA

Open Hillel Launches First Conference

Group against Hillel International’s ban on pro-BDS organizations promises diversity of viewpoints at three-day event.

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Open Hillel, which began two years ago in response to Harvard Hillel’s refusal to host a conference entitled “Jewish Voices Against Israel and the Occupation,” will be holding its first national conference next month at Harvard University.

Student conference for Open Hillel will be hosted by Harvard University in October. Via

From BDS To Beastilization: The Campus Wars Are On

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As anti-Israel wars loom on college campuses nationwide with the start of the fall semester, embattled Jewish students will now be armed with a new weapon, thanks to the legal eagles at the Washington-based Louis D. Brandeis Center for Human Rights — a top 10 list of age-old anti-Semitic canards that seems drawn from the pages of a 19th-century world history textbook.

Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) activists at Boston’s Northeastern University in March. Courtesy of Northeastern SJP

SodaStream Store In Britain Shuts After Two Years Of Weekly Protests

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An Israeli-owned store in England that sold replacement parts for SodaStream closed after two years of weekly boycott protests.

If I Had An (Anti-BDS) Hammer!

What to tell the kids about the boycott — and the need for dialogue, thanks to Pete Seeger.

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As a rule, BDS, the boycott, divestment and sanctions movement, doesn’t keep me up at night. (And I don’t think it keeps my two boys up, either.) The reason is because, in my mind, the movement is destined to fail.

BSD, not BDS: Pete Seeger, argues the author, champions Building Serious Dialogue.  Getty Images

U. Of Calif. Leaders Condemn Student Effort To Limit Israel Trips

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LOS ANGELES (JTA) – The heads of UCLA and the University of California system criticized a student-led pledge that urged candidates for student government to refuse trips to Israel sponsored by certain pro-Israel groups.

NYU Calls For Probe Following ‘Fliergate’

Process of ‘restorative justice’ in wake of fake ‘eviction’ notices distributed by Palestinian students.

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In response to the distribution of fake eviction notices at two NYU dorms last week, school officials have prescribed both an internal judicial investigation and a mandatory dialogue process known as “restorative justice.”

More than 2,000 students at Palladium woke up to find fake eviction notices. Miriam Lichtenberg/JW

Opinion: A Plea For Dialogue, Not More Stunts

Hillel director says a genuine effort at understanding needs to replace the downward spiral of name calling and social media warfare.

Skirball Executive Director, Bronfman Center for Jewish Student Life at NYU
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Last Wednesday night, members of Students for Justice in Palestine at NYU (NYU SJP) slipped mock “eviction notices” under the doors of 2,000 Jewish and non-Jewish students in their residence halls — a violation of several of NYU residence hall policies — to protest Israeli “ethnic cleansing.” Some Jewish residents, upset by the intrusion and the content of the notice, assumed that they had been specifically targeted by the fliers and claimed that the act was anti-Semitic. To my mind, the content was highly inflammatory and I identify with their instinct to respond. They then called for judicial action towards NYU SJP, which the student group and some faculty then countered, impinged on SJP’s right to freedom of speech.

Rabbi Yehudah Sarna

NYU Dorms Flooded With 'Eviction' Notices

Action aims to draw attention to ongoing Palestinian reality.

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Note: This story was corrected on April 28 to reflect that the fliers were distributed at two dorms rather than one, and that neither dorm has a reputation for having a particularly large Jewish population. 

NYU's Palladium Hall was reportedly flooded with fake eviction notices. Miriam Lichtenberg/JW

Combatting BDS On Campus

How do you combat BDS on college campuses? Video blogger Aaron Herman spoke with David Berman, assistant director, Hillel at Binghamton about the recent mock eviction notices placed on Jewish students' doors and how Hillel is training students to combat BDS.

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