Bagels And Power Tools

Forget the schmear. You want that cream cheese inside your bagel.

Za'atar, Za'atar Everywhere

Middle Eastern ingredients are popping up all over — even on bagels.

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The za'atar bagel, with a schmear. Lauren Rothman/JW

Growing up in Carroll Gardens, Fowad Assad’s daily breakfast was not, as you might expect of a native Brooklynite, a hard roll, a bialy or even a bowl of cereal. Instead, Assad’s mother, an American of Palestinian descent, would smear a pita with plenty of fruity olive oil, sprinkle it with a hefty dose of za’atar, and toast it in the oven. When it emerged, hot and fragrant, she’d quickly cover it in crumbled feta cheese, slice in a hard-boiled egg, roll it up and serve it to Assad.

Bagel Rivals Agree To Agree

Most bagels everywhere stink, deli mavens say.
Special To The Jewish Week

Squishy, flavorless and uninspired.

Deli devotees and their gurus, gathered at The Brooklyn Kitchen to talk bagels. Lauren Rothman

Bagel Boss On The Move

Bagel Boss will open its second Manhattan location next month.

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Bagel Boss, the kosher bagel shop that for over 50 years has continued to expand throughout New York's boroughs, is opening its second Manhattan location in mid-July, Bagel Boss's general manager confirmed.

The new Bagel Boss will be at 544 3rd avenue between E. 36th and 37th streets, next door the Sarge's Deli.

The other Manhattan Bagel Boss is at 263 1st avenue between E. 15th and 16th streets.

This will be the 14th location in the Bagel Boss chain, which sells, other than bagels, an assortment of baked goods, salads, fish, and schmeres.

Murray Hill will get a new Bagel Boss this July. Fotolia
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