The Queen Aunts

Savvy Auntie web community, founded by West Sider Melanie Notkin, allows non-moms to vouch for importance of strong niece-nephew bonds.
06/20/2011 - 20:00
Staff Writer

When Conner was born 11 years ago, Andi Rosenthal was 30 and in the process of converting to Judaism. “I had no idea that there was room in my life or in my heart” for Conner and his younger brother, Ryan. “I never anticipated the space that they would create for themselves and how much love would emerge for them. I never knew that they would be just everything to me,” says the Westchester resident.

She expected those emotions from the boys’ parents, she says, but she was just their aunt. Well, not “just.”

Manhattan resident Melanie Notkin.
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