Attorney General

AG To Investigate Brooklyn Yeshiva Transaction

Charities Bureau withdraws ‘no objection’ to sale of Torah Academy property.
02/28/2011 - 19:00
Special To The Jewish Week

Taking a seemingly more aggressive stand than it did in January, the New York State Attorney General has withdrawn its prior “no objection” to the sale of property owned by a Flatbush yeshiva and is now planning to investigate questions that have been raised about the proposed sale, The Jewish Week has learned.

The state’s Attorney General will investigate the proposed sale of the Flatbush property, above, owned by Torah Academy.

New York's Hot Race: A Vote For Schneiderman Is A Vote For Sharpton

To some, there is nothing worse in this year's election than the Tea Party candidates who have emerged out of nowhere, as if all Republican candidates are that, and they're not.

Republican Dan Donovan, Staten Island's DA who's running for state attoney general, is as sober, experienced and trustworthy as anyone on the New York ballot.

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