Jewish Settlers Torched Widow’s West Bank home, Palestinian Officials Say


Jerusalem — A Palestinian home in the West Bank was set afire in what Palestinian officials said was an attack by Israeli Jewish settlers.

Firebomb Thrown At Kiev’s Oldest Synagogue


Kiev’s oldest synagogue was the target of a firebomb that burst into flames outside the building.

Brooklyn Arson Attack Now Seen As Possible Insurance Scam, Not Anti-Semitism


(JTA) -- An arson attack last year on cars in predominately Jewish Midwood reportedly is being investigated as an insurance scam instead of a hate crime.

The attack on Nov. 11, the day after Kristallnacht commemorations, included the spray-painting with anti-Semitic graffiti of the nearby sidewalk and park benches on or near Ocean Parkway. Elected officials and Jewish leaders roundly condemned the attack.

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