Arbeiter Ring

Rock-a-bye, My Baby, With A Yiddish Melody

01/23/2012 - 19:00
Special To The Jewish Week

Somewhere in the world a restless child is waiting for sleep to come. A doting mother leans over her offspring, murmuring a song to speed the little one to slumber. The odds are pretty good that the lullaby with which she soothes the child is in not in Yiddish.

Lorin Sklamberg and the Workmen’s Circle/Arbeiter Ring probably won’t shift that probability much, but they’re going to try this winter, with the Klezmatics founder and lead singer teaching a series of workshops on the Yiddish lullaby beginning on Feb. 7.

Sweet dreams: Yiddish lullabies, like Masha Benya’s, are experiencing a revival with the help of Workmen’s Circle.
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