Arab Israelis

One Arab-Israeli Man Buys All The Government’s Chametz Each Year


Ever wonder how the Israeli government gets rid of its chametz, or leavened foods, at Passover?

Netanyahu Apologizes To Arab-Israelis For Election Day Remarks


Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu apologized to Arab-Israelis for his Election Day remark about them voting “in droves.”

Fast-Growing Israeli Arabic News Site Aims To Educate, Uplift


NAZARETH, Israel — After Israel’s 2006 war with the Lebanese terrorist group Hezbollah devastated the country’s northern region, most Israelis focused on rebuilding their towns and creating better defense infrastructure.

Ghada Zoabi ifounder of the Arabic Israeli news website Bokra. Via

The Case For Equality For Israel’s Arab Citizens

Special To The Jewish Week

Being a Palestinian Arab citizen in the nation-state of the Jewish people is challenging. Both a sense of justice and of self-interest should lead Israel not to make it any harder for the people who represent some 20 percent of the country’s population.

Martin Raffel

Poll: More Than Half of Jewish Israelis Want Arabs Out


(JTA) — Some 53 percent of Israel's Jewish population believes that the state can encourage Arabs to leave the country, a new poll found.

The Israel Democracy Institute's 2010 poll released Tuesday also found that 86 percent of the Jewish public, constituting 76 percent of the total public, believes that critical decisions for the state should be made by the Jewish majority.

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