Alice Eve Cohen

Reconciling With Mom

Alice Eve Cohen’s memoir, ‘The Year My Mother Came Back.’

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Alice Eve Cohen didn’t expect her mother to take center stage in her memoir. But as she was writing about a very challenging year in the life of her family, her late mother seemed to appear, on the page and at the kitchen table.

Alice Eve Cohen’s newest memoir recounts a difficult year in her adult life.  Janet Charles Photos

Who Will Live…

An agonizing decision about whether to give birth is at heart of Alice Eve Cohen’s new one-woman show.

Special To The Jewish Week

Pregnancy is almost always both physically and emotionally discombobulating. But nothing could have turned Alice Eve Cohen’s world upside down more than learning, at the age of 44, a decade after she had been told that she was infertile, that she was carrying a 6-month-old fetus. Cohen’s new one-woman show, “What I Thought I Knew,” recounts her agonized struggle, during the period between Rosh HaShanah and Yom Kippur in 1999, to decide whether or not to give birth. The show is being performed as part of the All For One Theater Festival in the West Village.

In the play, Cohen says, the Jewish holidays “are crucial touchstones.” Katherine Mendeloff
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