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Jewish Groups Lend Legal Support To Hijab-Wearing Teen Denied Job

When Abercrombie & Fitch said the head scarf was a no-go, Jewish groups responded.

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Should an American business be allowed to deny a job to a Muslim teenager who wears a hijab head covering for religious reasons?

Jewish groups lend legal support to Hijab-wearing teen. Getty Images.

Orthodox, Reform Groups Differ On Supreme Court’s Gay Marriage Call

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Washington — Reform and Orthodox Jewish groups had opposite takes on the Supreme Court decision not to hear gay marriage cases, effectively extending the right to a majority of the states.

Top Agudath Israel Rabbi Slams Reform, Conservative Movements

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The rabbinical leader of the haredi Orthodox Agudath Israel of America said the Conservative and Reform movements “will be relegated to the dustbins of Jewish history.”

Haredi Jews Rally In N.Y. Against Israeli Draft Proposal

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NEW YORK — Tens of thousands of haredi Orthodox Jews rallied in New York against a proposed Israeli law that would draft more young haredi men into the military.

OU, Agudah Announce Pre-Election Legislative Breakfasts

Christie to keynote OU event in Teaneck; CIA's Woolsey at Agudah in Manhattan.

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Politicos will munch kosher bagels with Orthodox leaders at two major events planned just prior to local elections.

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie will keynote at the second annual Legislative Breakfast of the Orthodox Union's Advocacy Center on Sunday, Oct. 6.

 Christie, a Republican, will address an Orthodox audience in Teaneck one month before he stands for re-election. Getty Images

Kosher Soup Kitchen Serves Up Voter Registration Forms

Thousands of needy clients urged to meet Friday's deadline.

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Hundreds of needy New Yorkers who will visit three kosher soup kitchens today will get something more than a hot chicken meal. So will hundreds more who receive family food packages.

They'll get a chance to have a voice.

A side order of democracy: Masbia wants needy clients to be heard. Adam Dickter

Summer Of Supplication

Two scandal-plagued Jewish pols seek forgiveness in a primary that falls during the Days of Awe.

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New York’s primary election this year falls on Sept. 10, almost exactly between Rosh HaShanah and Yom Kippur, a period known as Aseret Ymai Tshuva, or the Ten Days of Repentance.

For Anthony Weiner and Eliot Spitzer, the political and spiritual calendars are in rare harmony. Michael Datikash

The Most Important Funding for Jewish Schools That You've Never Heard Of

Special To The Jewish Week

The challenge of day school affordability is not just an economic but an existential one; it is about the continuity and vitality of the next generation of Jews. While enrollment is at an all-time high, so are tuition bills. 

Jeff Leb is the Director of Political Affairs for the Orthodox Union’s Teach NYS' Initiative.

Judge Denies Injunction Against NYC Bris Rules


New York City’s requirement that a mohel must obtain written consent from parents to peform oral suction during a bris will not be suspended because of a court challenge, a federal judge ruled on Thursday.

“As enacted, the regulation does no more than ensure that parents can make an informed decision whether to grant or deny such consent,” wrote Judge Nami Reice Buchwald of U.S. District Court in Manhattan.

Orthodox Groups And Mohelim Sue NYC Over Controversial Bris Practice


As expected, a group of ultra-Orthodox organizations and three individual plaintiffs filed a federal lawsuit against New York City’s health department seeking an injunction against restrictions on the controversial circumcision practice known as metzitzah b’peh.

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