Abraham Foxman

ADL: Media Must Dispel Myth That Israeli Made Anti-Islam Film


As questions continue to linger about the bizarre anti-Islam film that sparked protests in the Middle East, the Anti-Defamation League is calling on media organizations covering the story to more heavily scrutinize the apparent myth that an “Israeli Jew” made the film with help from Jewish donors here.

Foxman: Draft Haredim And Israeli Arabs To Defend Their Own Neighborhoods


Israel should consider drafting its Arab and Haredi population to defend their neighborhoods,.Abraham Foxman, national director of the Anti-Defamation League, told the Times of Israel. He said the proposal would undercut ideological arguments since draftees would take care of their own neighborhoods.

Challenging Ourselves To Consider 'The Other'


When it comes to addressing the Israeli/Palestinian relationship, it is time for the American Jewish community to take Hillel’s injunction, a pragmatic progenitor of The Golden Rule, more seriously. By challenging ourselves to examine our words and actions from the perspective of “the Other” we might be better equipped to act with the compassion God demands of us.

Bob Simon's Crusade

Lots of people are still talking, and likely will be for some time, about Sunday’s controversial “60 Minutes” report on Palestinian Christians.

French Jews’ Fears Rising

With Sarkozy vulnerable, concern that the anti-Israel far left will gain ground.

Staff Writer

French Jews fear that the odds-on favorite to win the French presidential run-off election May 6 will do so by reaching out to the far left, among whom are rabid anti-Israeli activists who favor the boycott, divestment and sanctions movement that seeks to delegitimize Israel.

The Jewish community’s favorite candidate, incumbent Nicolas Sarkozy, remains behind in the polls after coming in second in a 10-candidate race in the first round of balloting last Sunday.

Socialist Francois Hollande, right, is expected to draw substantial support from French Jews.

Wrestling With The New Culture Wars

Jews struggle with implications of political-religious fusion.

Associate Editor

An election year that was supposed to be about jobs, jobs, jobs, is suddenly about Job, Leviticus and Corinthians.

Perhaps because of a slight economic uptick, and with wars winding down and Iran an unknown, the election, at least with former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum’s surge, seems increasingly focused on morality, religion and the discontented, with arguments too short on mercy and too long on wrath.

Rick Santorum with his wife Karen, left, and Mitt Romney with his wife, Ann, campaigning Tuesday on primary day in Michigan.

FBI Warns Of White Supremacist Threat Against ADL's Foxman


A white supremacist arrested after informing his wife that he planned to kill Jews and blacks may have targeted Anti-Defamation League leader Abraham Foxman, the FBI said.

Danny Lee Warner, 33, was arrested Dec. 28 outside a McDonald's in Arizona the day after his estranged wife received a letter postmarked Dec. 19 saying that he planned to kill “niggers and Jews” until the government "stopped him."

Israelis In U.S. Blast 'Come Home' Ad Campaign

Staff Writer

A $300,000 Israeli government campaign designed to entice Israelis living in the United States to return to Israel is being labeled “heavy handed” and “an outrage.”

“Instead of talking to us about what is positive about Israel and what is waiting for us should we come back, they are using fear tactics,” complained Yehudit Feinstein, 36, who has been living here 10 years.


Susan Sarandon Calls Pope A Nazi


Susan Sarandon is under fire after referring to the German-born Pope Benedict XVI as a Nazi.

The actress made the comment during an interview Saturday with actor Bob Balaban at the Hamptons International Film Festival. Sarandon was discussing her 1995 Oscar-winning film "Dead Man Walking," based on an anti-death penalty book by Sister Helen Prejean, when she mentioned that she had sent a copy of the book to the pope.

Palestinian Leadership Must Save Itself

Special to the Jewish Week

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas' May 17 op-ed in The New York Times is a masterpiece of revision, rejection and recrimination in support of one simple request to the international community on behalf of the Palestinian people - please save us from ourselves. Having stubbornly refused to lead the Palestinians to resolve the conflict through the only viable approach, direct negotiations with Israel, he turns to the United Nations to enable and reward Palestinian denial of Israel's right to exist.

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