36 UNDER 36 2015


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Aryeh Nussbaum Cohen

Using His Voice For Performance, Politics

Aryeh Nussbaum Cohen, 21

Jeremy Balkin

Tikkun Olam On Wall Street

Jeremy Balkin, 31

Lani Santo

Supporting Jews In Transition

Lani Santo, 35

Sasha Fisher

Sparking Change, Enabling Others

Sasha Fisher, 26

Simon Cadel

Standing Up For His Dream

Simon Cadel, 15

Sion Setton

Traveling Teacher

Sion Setton, 29

Sivan Hadari

Staging Positive Change

Sivan Hadari, 33

Sophie Ackoff

Planting Seeds For Sustainable Farming

Sophie Ackoff, 26

Temimah Zucker

Supporting Jews With Eating Disorders

Temimah Zucker, 23

Tikva Juni

Public Face Of Inclusion Advocacy

Tikvah Juni, 32

Yoni Oppenheim

Making Theater Frum Friendly

Yoni Oppenheim, 33

Yosefa Schoor

Bringing Science Workshops To Pediatric Patients

Yosefa Schoor, 22

Yuda Schlass

A Taste For The Hipster Life

Yuda Schlass, 30