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Jewish Journeys 2014

Take that Borat! Next year in Kazakhstan. Nature beckons in Eilat. Hummus in Berlin? The Israelis are here. Aulus-les-Baines and the need to remember.

Celebrate November 2014

A Simcha That’s Cinematic; The Eighth Day, For Girls; Let Them Eat … Lions And Gorillas


The emblem of the Palestinian National Security Forces. Wikimedia Commons

The Second Intifada teaches us to be wary about claims that 'they' need it more than 'us.'


Guys in tutus get over a million views on YouTube. Talk about eight crazy nights.


Courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures

For Jewish wizards attending Hogwarts, these will be right up your Diagon alley.

David: "The Devided Heart" book cover JW Calendar NYBLUEPRINT.com


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Good article. It's worth mentioning that the shul has an absolutely fabulous cantor, Sam Levine...

I'm shocked by two of the comments here. I have a relative who has had a few seizures in her...

A powerful play about Sosua was put on by Jewish and Dominican kids at the Washington Heights Y...

250 member units in a congregation which used to have 1,000? I don't care how much money they...

Stephen M,
Writing that Pollard's crime was 'staggering' is a staggering exaggeration...