The People vs. Moses
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Rabbi Charles Savenor

A rabbi recalls the little boy he was, saying a tearful goodbye to his favorite TV dinners when his family decided to become more observant.

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Dr. Micah Goodman and Rabbi Rick Jacobs

Join Dr. Micah Goodman in conversation with Rabbi Rick Jacobs and Rabbi Elliot Cosgrove.

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Just saw the play today. It was wonderful, riveting and the cast soared.

Does it show the selfish inexcusable behavior of the Satmar Rebbe during the Holocaust, or does...

I want to call attention to the complete and utter mendacity of the UN, the media, the US, and...

This deserves an empty house.
They're trying to make a buck on it too, real chutzpah.

The basic truth is that homosexuality is banned by the Torah. It isn’t good to go through life...