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Fall Literary Preview November 2014

The Next Wave Of Russian-Jewish Literature

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A Simcha That’s Cinematic; The Eighth Day, For Girls; Let Them Eat … Lions And Gorillas


Steve Burg

What the community, after allegations of voyeurism at the mikvah, can learn from past episodes of abuse.


Rabbi Daniel Cohen kicks off an interfaith, holiday-time campaign to identify even small opportunities to help others.


Gary Rosenblatt

What I saw the other night is a genuine love of one’s fellow Jew. Period.

David: "The Devided Heart" book cover JW Calendar America's Retreat And Israel's Predicament Thursday, November 20 | 7:30 p.m.


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Freundel was a problem for years but not in the way he eventually turned out to be. Because...

the use of the term Quisling is spectacularly inappropriate here especially as Vidkun Quisling...

So he's a saint because he donates money to a racist regime? Wow sainthood gets easier and...

Thank you for speaking out. As we descend into a racist nightmare, the rare voice that speaks...

When two Jewish sisters were murdered by their black next door neighbor (a convicted felon) in...