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A Simcha That’s Cinematic; The Eighth Day, For Girls; Let Them Eat … Lions And Gorillas


Steve Burg

What the community, after allegations of voyeurism at the mikvah, can learn from past episodes of abuse.


Rabbi Daniel Cohen kicks off an interfaith, holiday-time campaign to identify even small opportunities to help others.


Gary Rosenblatt

What I saw the other night is a genuine love of one’s fellow Jew. Period.

David: "The Devided Heart" book cover JW Calendar America's Retreat And Israel's Predicament Thursday, November 20 | 7:30 p.m.


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So he's a saint because he donates money to a racist regime? Wow sainthood gets easier and...

Thank you for speaking out. As we descend into a racist nightmare, the rare voice that speaks...

When two Jewish sisters were murdered by their black next door neighbor (a convicted felon) in...

Interesting article. actually a democracy tastes great and results good when every individual...

Thanks for your reply. If the PCUSA believes that divesting their funds from...