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Sukkot Holiday
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Fall Arts Previewes August 2015

A Sizzling Season: A Yiddish “Death of a Salesman.” John Zorn's ‘Masada’ premiere. A Moshe Safdie retrospective.

Education August 2015

Bar/bat mitzvah tutors and the new ‘gig economy.’ New JTS center reimagines prayer. BDS: the legal fights to come.


An “outside classroom” at Hillel Day School of Metropolitan Detroit. JTA

Data suggests that hundreds of students are making the change, whether 'pulled' to day schools or 'pushed' from public.

More Of What Matters
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Be careful because it's a slippery slope.

First you allow for divorce, next thing you...

You liberals are such fools - if you would combine the risk knowledge of all the people that...

What tremendous audacity- how dare you comment like this about a tremendous Talmud chacham!...

Comparing Rav Schachter to these other Rabbis, is like comparing the CEO of Exxon to the gas...

Comparing the knowledge and righteousness of Rabbi Schachter to these other Rabbis is like...