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The Good Life July 2014

Affirming Life, Right To The End; Jewish Renewal Founder’s Spiritual Roadmap; Starting Late, But Not Too Late; Staying Young, With Cello; As Jewish Boomers Retire, Is South Florida Losing Its Appeal?

Sephardim In NY June 2014

Young Families, Singles Flocking to Upper East Side; ‘The Memory Is In Their Taste Buds’: The Lure of Sephardic Food; Safra Synagogue Rabbi’s Growing Empire; Sephardic And Egalitarian at B’nai Jeshurun; Giving Voice to Sephardic Music.


At odds with White House, Democratic officials say no cease-fire until tunnels destroyed.


Andi Dorfman chooses Jewish soul mate, Josh Murray. Credit: us.beamly.com

This shidduch will go down in reality-TV history.


Jewish Week video blogger Aaron Herman looks at how Hamas created its vast tunnel network, how soldiers are combining religion and war and Joan Rivers' forceful defense of Operation Protective Edge.


Boris Fishman, Zachary Lazar and Sandee Brawarsky will discuss "The Truth of Fiction."

Join a discussion on "the truth of fiction."

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Hi Shmeckle,

Good question. Yes, there was a kosher side to the buffet and a halal side...

Was the meal actually kosher and halal? The Moslems know that they have to live side by side...

Wow.You believe that “every “modern’ person violates Halachah in one way or the other? I never...

G-d bless this man.

HAMAS must be treated as a cancer on palestinian population.
Do not matter how mach...